The Nissan Pathmaker OneTon SAS Build - Frogstompers ToyDrive Dec 2017

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The Nissan Pathmaker OneTon SAS Build -Frogstompers Toydrive - Dec 2017 


Brought the Pathmaker out to the Frogstompers Toydrive, where your entry costs $20+a Toy which gets donated to the local First Nations Band that are owners of the land where the wheeling takes place. This was a two day event and the weather was absolutely perfect for filming, cold and clear, but it was a hard day of wheeling, lots of rain over the past months mean it was super slippery up on the mountain. It seems at Frogstompers its either crazy great traction, or no traction at all, and this was a no traction weekend. Running solo on Saturday gave me time to do the photoshoot and build walk around video in my other blog post Pathmaker Build Walk Around video and also get some much needed seat time, driving all over the mountain in search of Alex, Jon and the EMB after they started having steering problems and we got separated. 

Pathmaker Photoshoot Dec 2017 (3 of 20)Pathmaker Photoshoot Dec 2017 (3 of 20) Pathmaker Photoshoot Dec 2017 (14 of 20)Pathmaker Photoshoot Dec 2017 (14 of 20)

Day two of the wheeling I was accompanied by my buddy Dave and we set out to show him the mountain, and do a bit of filming with him behind the camera while I drove the Pathmaker. We stomped a couple of fun lines on and off camera as Dave had never been to Mt. Garibaldi so he needed to get the full treatment. 

We snapped some photos and did some full throttle launches, it wasn't much a day for crawling anything!

Sunday Funday Dec 2017.Still001Sunday Funday Dec 2017.Still001 Sunday Funday Dec 2017.Still002Sunday Funday Dec 2017.Still002 Sunday Funday Dec 2017.Still003Sunday Funday Dec 2017.Still003 Sunday Funday Dec 2017.Still004Sunday Funday Dec 2017.Still004 Sunday Funday Dec 2017.Still005Sunday Funday Dec 2017.Still005 Sunday Funday Dec 2017.Still006Sunday Funday Dec 2017.Still006 Sunday Funday Dec 2017.Still007Sunday Funday Dec 2017.Still007 Sunday Funday Dec 2017.Still008Sunday Funday Dec 2017.Still008 Sunday Funday Dec 2017.Still009Sunday Funday Dec 2017.Still009 Sunday Funday Dec 2017.Still010Sunday Funday Dec 2017.Still010


It was all fun times until this exact moment here, this is the moment my Dana300 decided to split in half! Thankfully I was able to drive it back on the trailer!

Sunday Funday Dec 2017.Still011Sunday Funday Dec 2017.Still011 24899882_1899881923373827_2936692490377547259_n24899882_1899881923373827_2936692490377547259_n

Check out the video below where I go over the whole break, as well as the ridiculous way I was forced to get my rig back into my shop after the case decided to completely explode literally half way into the door of my shop!

So next up on my list of things to do will be pulling it apart and seeing if the outputs are still ok. If the outputs are fine then I'll probably just toss another dana300 in there as its the middle of wheeling season and its not time for big time consuming projects. I'll get it back on the trail in no time and back out filming so stay tuned!


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