Snow Wheelin Round Two – Toyota Buggy Time

Snow Wheelin in the Toyota Buggies

After heading out for a bit of snow wheelin last week, it was time to head out with the EMB Buggy and a couple more of the built Toyota’s for another Trail Wheelin trip. After a slow morning of us running late, then waiting for another buddy, then forgetting the tow-rig lights on, then having the Jeep inhale its airfilter 1km into the woods it started out as just another one of “those days” in the woods.


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With the Jeep bailing out and heading home we continued up the trail with the EMB and the Toyota LandCruiser aka “The Goblin” getting to the first rock section, where the Goblin quickly ended up on his side after a bit of a slippery bounce. Winching him back over we finished that section of the trail, only to have the Goblin blow a bead haulin ass in the snow with his Mullet Tires. We call them the Mullet because they’re business in the front (36″ Iroks) and party in the back (37″ Boggers). Of course we found out quick that it’s a little slippery out and the Goblin ended up on its side for the first flop of the day.

We headed up to the top of Hamburger Hill and waited for Chappy and his buddy Nigel, that had text’d me to say they were on the way, but were now out of cell service, all part of the fun of trail wheeling. 

After Dustin finally catches up with us (and there was a blown bead on the Goblin from mobbin in the snow) at the top of HH he realizes he forgot to put on his radcap after filling up at the bottom of the trail, so off he goes on foot back down the trail in search of the missing radcap….can you notice a trend, it was going to be a long day in the woods with lots of small issues to plague us! But the weather was epic for filming and photos and any day is a good day when you’re on the trail!


Now that we were a group for 4 built toyotas, two second gen Toyota Pickups with cruiser diffs, dual tcases and sticky tires, the EMB, the nasty LS powered 4Runner wonton buggy (running some extremely bald BFG Reds we like to call “the Moccassins” – built for indoors but ok to take outside) we built as a memorial for our buddy, and the modified Land Cruiser with the Mullet Tires, it was time to get to some proper wheelin.

With about 6″ of snow on the ground and an odd assortment of tires we started fighting small problems, the Goblin likes to bump into limp mode when the gas stays on too long, a symptom of running a 5spd tranny with a motor/ecu designed for an auto. Zero traction in the snow for the EMB meant full throttle driving everywhere except the obstacles, once he got onto the rocks he was having no problems. But an afternoon of hard driving and the tranny started to shift harder and harder as the day went on. 

Dustin had to heat the tires up a little too much on one big climb and later in the day said he had a bad knock coming from the bottom end of his motor, its been a hard wheeling season on motors with that turbo on it.

With everyones rig getting tired, as well as ourselves we left the biggest climb for last, the big rock waterfall line that we took the Tacoma up the weekend before. Of course none of these rigs had any problems so they guys took a bunch of runs at it, as well as Alex coming down the never driven “right line” to try to strip some of the branches off. Hopefully we can clean a bit more stuff off and give a try running it up someday soon.

After that it we took a quick spin up into the gravel pit, ended up sidehill facing a massive roll to the bottom of the pit and decided it was time to call it a night, which was perfect time because by then we had lost reverse on the EMB and were stuck in LO gear 2nd for the drive out. Dustin had his steering line start continutally popping off, and had to send Nigel for the tow rig with 5km of FSR left to go because he was running low on replacement fluid and the problem kept getting worse.

All that said it was an epic day in the woods with smiles all around, can’t wait to get back our for our next adventure.

Check out the video below for all the days action. I’m sorry the video ended up so long, the footage was just too good to cut too much out!

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