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Pathmaker Productions is home for all your favorite behind the scenes rock racing and rock crawling action. Follow along as I go behind the camera at all your favorite off-road races. Hop in an head into the back-country for some trail wheeling with me in the Pathmaker rig. Head over to my BLOG to keep up with all my crazy adventures or just smash up my knuckles in the Pathmaker Speed Shop.

Nissan Pathmaker One Ton SAS Build Walk Around

The Pathmaker Rig - Nissan Pathfinder one ton sas build done by Pathmaker Productions
The Nissan Pathmaker


Check out my shop for PMP T-shirts and Hoodies. I also have a huge selection of off-road vinyl decals for the side of your rig.

Hammertown after dark - Self Portrait of Brady Melville Pathmaker Productions at King of the Hammers 2017
Hammertown after dark – King of the Hammers 2017

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If you are interested in me covering your event, shooting your vehicle in a private photo shoot please feel free to contact me.

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