Backcountry Trail Wheelin March 2017

Backcountry Trail Wheelin March 2017

Took the Pathmaker out for its first Trail Wheelin trip of the year with a couple of the local guys in their Toyota’s and Suzuki’s. 

The morning started out with snow on the ground and gray skies as we headed to the trail head. Once we got going the sun came out a bit but we were in for a slippery greasy day on the rocks. With a group of nine rigs we were large but all very capable wheelers so we made good time doing a few of the more difficult local trails. 

We were making decent time until the first hard rock ledge on the Grease Pit, the FJ sheared a brakeline and then stomped it with some nuts driving.  I also learned I have put my fuel pump in a bad location so I had to do some wheelin with a jerrycan in the passenger seat till I could get flattened out.

I ended up losing power to my e-fan so I started running really hot and headed back down, stopping a bunch of times to fill the rad. Got thru the Funk and stopped to pack my engine bay with snow to cool it down, somehow I dropped a cylinder doing that so I had to drive back to the trailer with a missfire. All in all was a killer day in the woods. 


EMB Memorial Buggy Shakedown Run
Mild Moab Toyota's

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