Bush Cup Rockcrawling Event 2017

Bush Cup Rockcrawling Event 2017

Went out on May long weekend for an old school style “Bush Cup” Event. Very few rules and just a good excuse for a bunch of crazy guys to get together and push their rigs harder than they should. A two day, invite only event held on private land in some epic backcountry this was a race designed to “run what ya brung” for all the glory. The short list of rules included no rear steer and timed sections with the only real penalty coming from pulling your winch line. Plans also included a Sunday “Blindfolded Driver” section where the spotter had to ride along and coach the blindfolded driver thru a tight section of forest. 

With twelve rigs on the list they mostly consisting of modified Toyotas and Suzuki’s. There was also 4  tube frame rock buggies, including the Jeep Rock Bouncer of Cory Hinds. The “MogStang” Mustang powered Uni-mog buggy that Craig just finished building a few weeks ago. (Craig was also the only one effected by the rear steer rules).

Lets get this party started!

We set out from camp for the short drive to the trail. The rigs lined up in front of the massive 15′ tall rock ledge covered in roots and loose dirt. Everyone lined up and gave it a good try but everyone had to pull cable. Except for Cory, he stomped on his rock bouncer and one shot the ledge, putting in a blistering time and setting the tone for the day. Higher up on the first stage there was another rocky outcrop and Johnny Bonecrusher had a bad bounce and ended up putting his rig on its roof. 

The second stage had a bonus line that was worth -5min off your total time, enticing some of the drivers to hit it. Tucker put his Toyota rockbuggy onto the bonus ledge and came down hard on the throttle and blew all of the diaphragms out of his propane system and even blew up his cone filter which I have never seen happen before! Next up was Rohan and he took on the bonus line as well, making it but rolling TWICE in the process. No one else tried the bonus lines but did some fantastic full throttle driving to complete the stage.

…….Full event report coming soon, check back for more photos and video too!

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