Bush Trail

New Trail? Sounds like a great idea!

It was time for another day of back country trail wheeling and bbqing with the boys so we got together at Jim’s house again before heading out into the woods. With cloudy skies but dry rocks it was looking like it would be a good traction sort of day.
After our ridiculous puddle smashing end to our last trip out the Pathmaker has now got a brutal stutter that I’ve been trying to figure out. Feeling like its running on only 5 cylinders it really isn’t happy from all the water on our last trip…..who woulda thought?!

Ignoring the stutter we stopped and set up the BBQ for some trail side burgers. Barbecuing was on point, thanks to Riley.

Check out Part 1 of the video here:

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Tired of the same old trails I figured it was time to do some more trail cutting and look for some new rocks so we set off on the search of good crawling. Finding a likely looking spot I turned the Pathmaker off the road and we started what would eventually become a trail we call the “Bush Trail”. Why is it the bush trail? Because its really thick, really tight and you’ve got to pound your way thru it!
Of course when you’re driving blind you can make the wrong choices (no, not me?) and I got super hung up on a hidden stump in the salal, which I also found out involved having a massive branch stuck thru my truss on my front axle. It would require a little bit of effort from the Stihl to get the old girl free!

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Once we got the ole girl free we had to send up the drone to try to find our way out of the Bush. We did find a few more rocks, which proved a bit too much for our Team No Stickies tires to handle so we bypassed them and finished off the trail and another epic day of back country wheeling with the boys.

Check out Part 3 of the video here:

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