EMB Memorial Buggy Shakedown Run

EMB Memorial Buggy Shakedown Run

Our good friend Erick McBride passed away in Oct 2007. At the time he had most of the parts for a buggy and big plans. It took us a lot longer than planned but it’s finally out on the trail. This was the first real shakedown run in the EMB Memorial Buggy.

EMB build

The EMB buggy was a project started by our good friend Erick McBride but after his passing my buddy Alex and I (plus a ton of other friends) took on the job of finishing up the rig. The buggy is based off an 1987 Toyota 4runner frame and cab but there’s not much Toyota left. The engine is a 5.3L LS motor mated to a t350 and a 203/205 transfer cases with a Northwest Fab doubler and one-ton axles. The front is a Chevy Kingpin dana60 with 35spline chromo axles and Yukon Superjoints and a spool. The rear is a 14bolt with disc brakes and a spool. The suspension consists of a dual triangulated 4-link with super overkill DOM links and johnny joints. Currently running some very well seasoned BFG Krawler Red Labels and a need for full throttle launches, the EMB buggy is a fun ride.

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