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Two Speed Ford Taurus Electric Fan Upgrade

With my knuckles back on the Pathmaker Rig it was time to shift from “need to” projects to a few “want to” projects. The PSC Full Hydro steering on my rig has been working great for me, except that my pump likes to get nice and hot and whine after some hard use.

Looking at the front of my rig I realized that I had mounted the cylinder style cooler too far to the passenger side of the rig meaning it wasn’t even getting hit by any of the air from my Ford Taurus electric fan. Space is at a premium in the front of my rig and everything with a 4×4 is always a compromise. My Warn 8274 is mounted in the middle of my bumper so the cooler can’t move over much before it hits the winch so I’d have to move over my fan instead. 

I’ve been seeing a ton of posts online about people asking for info on E-Fan’s so I figured while I was moving the fan shroud and making new mounts I’d take some video and explain a bit about why I love the Taurus fan.

1992 Ford Taurus 2 speed electric fan

I got my 2 speed fan from a local Junkyard for only $40. They can be found in 1990-1995 Ford Taurus sedans with the 3.8L v6 engine. With a claimed 2000 CFM on low and 3200 CFM on high while only being 4.75″ deep. Bang for your buck they really can’t be beat! 

One downside of the fan is they like to pull a huge amount of amps on startup. (70amps) so I ran a big 75amp relay and 8ga wire to make sure I wouldn’t be popping any fuses while I flipped it on and off. If I was a better mechanic and fabricator I would have installed a temp sender in the rad so that the fan would kick on automatically when it hit a certain temp. But I’m not a great mechanic so I just put a Hi-Off-Low switch on the dash and try to remember to keep it switched to Low or at least take a look at my temp gauge every once and a while.

If you’re wanting to install your own Ford Taurus fan here is a few wiring diagrams I used for my install.

Wiring Diagram with Switch only No Temp Sender

Wiring Diagram with Temp Sender

The reason to put the electric fan on my rig is we’re spinning a ton of RPM but not moving very fast so the stock clutch fan would struggle to keep the Pathmaker cool. The stock fan was also 8″ deep which just wouldn’t work for me as I had to push the radiator back to fit the winch.

The plan was to just move the fan over to the passenger side of the radiator a bit. Then the cooler would be inside the fan shroud and hopefully get some air flow. I moved it over 4″ before it got too close to the power steering belt for comfort.
Check out the full video as I talk about the fan and show a bit more about what I’m doing on the front of the Pathmaker.
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