Frogstompers Funday June 2017

Frogstompers Funday June 2017

Went out for another Funday at Frogstompers OHV Park in East Sooke, BC. This time I climbed out from behind the camera and into the drivers seat of my own rig, The Pathmaker. Frogstompers holds a few Funday’s a year where the mountain is open to paying drivers and spectators. Any of the lines and trails on the mountain are available to be run including past Island Cup lines. Getting a late start to the morning by the time I showed up in the parking lot there was over 20 empty trailers. I got unloaded and headed up the backside of the mountain solo. 

Dry weather for a few weeks means that the traction was there and its one of those satisfying days. Driving up pretty much every trail with little to no tire spin feeling like a rockstar. Stomping lines that have given my rig trouble in the past. Driving up the back of the mountain got me up to the staging area near the summit. I met up with a huge group of rigs heading to try some lines on the front side of the mountain. I joined up with Craig and his daughter Kylie in his brand new Uni-mog buggy and we took a trip to the top of the mountain for a photo shoot and look at the view. With downtown Victoria in the background and water on 3 sides this is one of the most picturesque trails I have driven on. 


After our shoot we headed down “Hells Revenge” a infamous local trail that has never been driven up unassisted but is also known to be the place of many a front flip as drivers stab the brakes at the wrong time and end up on their roof. After navigating down Hells Revenge with no trouble we headed down to the Island Cup Saturday trails to try out hand on some of the craziest lines the mountain has to offer. Craig just dominated the lines out there while I had to push the ole fat girl to make it happen. Unfortunately I leaned into a big arbutus branch that I shouldn’t have and took out my mint stock windshield. Then coming off the tree my foot said no where it should have said “GO” and I ended up flopping onto the roof, crushing my hood mounted gimbal and GoPro Hero4 on a rock in the process.

Check out the full video of the day below as well as some epic footage of Craig’s 14yr old daughter Kylie driving for the very first time and taking his buggy up some awesome lines with a bit of coaching!


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