Island Wheelin Round 2

Island Wheelin – Round 2

With the dry summer over and the return of fall it means our backcountry is ready for another season of trail wheeling.  Craig called me up on Friday night and asked if I wanted to hop in the Mog-Stang with him and hit an early morning ferry for some more small Island Wheelin.In typical fashion the ferry was packed but we made it over with only an hours wait and $120 worth of fees. Thankfully on this ferry you only have to pay one direction. In the line up we met up with our buddies Julien and James that were riding in Julien’s small Suzuki Samurai buggy with 4 link suspension and some mint looking BFG RED Sticky tires. Apparently his buggy only weighs in at 2400lbs so it should do great out there on the big slippery rocks.

We met up with the boys from last time and unloaded the rigs and got right on the trail. Last time we were on the island we tried this big loose steep hill but it didn’t get very far at the end of the day. This time we decided to start our day wheeling there and check it out. Highlighted by a never ending grueling 45* slope with some big rocks poking out, it was going to be an interesting day of wheeling. With a bit of rain lately the rocks are completely different then when we were here in early June. Its Mid October and its a LOT more slippery.

The smallest root can bring the whole climb to a stop just losing a tiny bit of traction so it made for a tough climb up the hill. With a stretch of amazing weather and a low sun in the sky it made for some epic lighting in the woods as we twisted thru the big trees.

Sam had a tire burp a bunch of air out so we had had to stop for a few minutes while he filled his tire. Shortly after that Craig had one of his power steering pullies jump off which required a bit of a trail fix as we had to find a bolt and get the pully back on the shaft and the belt back on. Unfortunately Craig sucked the pulley on a bit too far so it spent the rest of the day self clearancing on the pump. Other than that there was no real damage or trail repairs needed for the day.

We finished up that trail and got into one of the trails last time we were over on the island. More big rocks and tight trees led to some tricky climbs.

I have 3 videos from the wheeling coming up soon. Check out the vids from our wheelin trip!

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