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Lorex Security Camera Install

After seeing so many posts about people stealing things on social media. I decided it was time to install some security cameras at the Pathmaker Speed Shop. (aka my house!) Doing some research online and asking a few friends with cameras I decided upon Lorex brand. So it was time for a little Pathmaker Speed Shop Lorex Security Camera Install. On their website at the time of purchase they were offering 50% off! Looking closer on their site they were offering an additional 15% off. Also included was free shipping in Canada.

Nice Unit

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I settled on a Lorex Four Camera UltraHD set wired set, with included hard drive. The four cameras film in 2.7k UltraHD and also have black and white night vision and built in motion sensors. The cameras come with 130′ of wire but you can purchase longer if need be. Its a single wire set up which makes things simple. (Aside from the fact that I had to climb into my attic multiple times). I ran the wires through the attic and down the soffit then connected to the back of the TV in my living room. With the four cameras I put one watching the front door and side driveway (with my trailer). The main driveway and my tenants driveway. Inside my shop and one over the back door on the deck. 

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The cameras were simple to set up, just plug them in and turn the hard drive on and follow the instructions. Along with the night vision (which they advertise as full color but comes black and white) they also have motion sensors, which once you set them up really help reviewing the footage later. With all four cameras recording the hard drive has enough space for 5 days of footage. Looking back through the footage is easy as any movement on the camera shows up yellow in the timeline. This lets you pinpoint when something happened so you’re not suck watching hours of footage. You can adjust the sensitivity as well as block out parts of the screen you don’t want to record motion. In my case I didn’t want to see every car that went down my street so I was able to block that out.

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You can also install the Lorex app on your phone and monitor the cameras on your smart phone. You can also set it to txt or email you every time there is motion, but in my case that started to drive me nuts! 

Overall I’m very happy with the purchase and the best part I’ve left out so far. It only cost $254CAD to my door! So if you’re unhappy with things going missing around your yard maybe check them out. 

Here’s a video of the install and the cameras in action:

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