March Trail Wheeling

March 2019

Trail Wheeling and Extreme Rock Crawling Trip

We went out with a serious group of rock buggies for some backcountry trail wheeling. With an awesome group of ricks including the MogStang, the Rotten LS Powered 4 wheel steering buggy, 3 Toyota buggies and 2 Suzuki buggies it was shaping up to be an epic day in the woods!
After unloading the rigs we headed out and instantly found that even tho it was March, it was DRY out in the woods. Time to suck some logging road dust as we headed off to the first trail. The journey to the trail took us under the power lines, perfect place to get warmed up on a few big rock climbs. With the dry weather the traction was on point for the first part of the day.

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The climbs just started getting bigger and crazier as we got into the first trail of the day. With dry rocks for the front runners, and slippery muddy rocks for the guys in the back of the pack it started turning into some full throttle action to make some of the big climbs on this epic backcountry trail.

March Trail Wheeling Part 2 Video

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We headed out onto the big rock bluff to try a few lines. Last time we were here it was slippery and wet and the big crack was impossible to climb. Today with all the traction it was climbable by every one, but that didn’t make it easy. Having to shoot high and point for the tree to clear the rock that hangs up on the passenger side. In the process the drivers front tire likes to lift nice and high, with a big 30′ roll at the bottom.

March Trail Wheeling Part 3 Video

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The day starts to get harder as we come to a big climb with a bad stump in a location that hangs up the rear diff. Mike gets his Suzuki buggy in and blows up a birf in the front of his Suzuki leaving him in 3 wheel drive and half the trail still ahead. With Spencer next up on the climb his engine starts to hesitate, the turbo is running too rich and fouling his plugs causing his rig to not start. With no Emery cloth he pulled the plugs and rubbed them on some ratchet straps to clean off some of the soot before giving them a big of a gas bath in a cut in half aluminum can.

Of course shortly after fixing his fouled plugs issues his Suzuki Buggy decided to eat the power steering pump belt. With full hydraulic steering its always fun to turn without your pump running, (as we also experienced during our Snow Day Rescue Mission).
With two broken rigs we finished the first trail of the day, ending in the newest huge clear cut section. Soon the trail will be gone with a ton of logging going on in this area of the woods.

March Trail Wheeling Part 4 Video

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Spencer headed back to the trailers solo and Mike decided to 3 wheel drive his rig to the next trail and hop into one of the empty seats. On the way we found a fallen tree across the road, a bit of ax work and a winch and the tree was out of the way and we continued on our way. The second trail of the day has some big steep long climbs and ends at a bluff looking out over the ocean. Losing my seat to Mike I start hoofing up the hill filming the rigs. A bit of rain as we started the trail changed everything. It went from a traction day to an extremely slippery day.

Half way up the trail Sean took a bad slippery bounce and ended up flopping his rig on its side right into a huge stump. Unfortunately it crushed his fiberglass hood, thankfully it did not crush his intake! We had Josh pull out his winch and we got him back on his tires and headed up to the lookout.

March Trail Wheeling Part 5 Video

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Getting to the lookout bluff after the other guys means I missed out on filming some runs over “The Knob”. Its a super steep rock that goes up and right down on the other side. Coming off flat ground its been known to pitch you over backwards if you come down on the gas and don’t put it in reverse quickly enough. Sean lined up his LS buggy and did exactly that. Going right over backwards for his second rollover of the day. We got him back on his wheels and headed back down the trail and started heading towards the trailers.

I thought it was time to sign off but it never seems to work out that way. Mike got a bit hung up on his way home in 3 wheel drive and blew up his crawl box, turning him into a 0 wheel drive rig. We hooked him up to the MogStang and then proceeded to quickly get lost, spending an extra hour screwing around trying to find the other guys and the “right” way home.

All in all, epic day on the trail!

March Trail Wheeling Part 6 Video

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