Nugget Trail

Another Day, Another Trail

The sun was shining so it was the perfect weather for another day of back country trail wheeling with the boys. As usual I was in the Pathmaker Rig, with Jim in his Toyota Buggy, Kevin and Mike in their Suzuki based buggies. We headed out to find a ton of traction so a good day to climb some big rocks that had conquered us in the past. I lined up on that climb that I had to winch on our previous trip and with the moss stripped off and some dry rock exposed I one shot the climb.

Unfortunately since I'm an idiot I also destroyed my beauty Thermos coffee mug, driving right over it...but that's the way she goes.

Check out Part 1 of the video here:

We stopped for some lunch and then headed off to run the 70's Bush trail that we had started last time. With dryer weather and rocks we planned on doing a few of the climbs that wern't possible on our first run thru the trail.

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