Off-Road Photo Gallery

Off-road Photo Gallery

Starting out behind the camera in 2001, Pathmaker Productions has grown around off-road photo’s and wheeling for almost 2 decades. Starting filming with a mini-dv camcorder and a film camera I have slowly progressed to running full frame cameras, drones, powered gimbals, ultraHD filming and advanced software. Shooting still photos will always be part of my roots and my gear has grown to a full-frame Canon with multiple lens and lighting options for different looks depending on the event or location. Check out a few of my off-road photo gallery below.

Shooting in some of the most difficult terrain all over North America I have lugged heavy gear from the King of the Hammers in the Mojave Desert, to big rock country shooting WERock in Colorado, the prairies of Northern Alberta chasing the Punisher4x4 Racing crew or scrambling up slippery rain forests back in the Pacific Northwest. Extreme rock crawling is my passion and I’m proud to call it my career. 
If you’re interested in having me come shoot your event please send me a message on my Contact Page.

If you’ve seen me shooting at an event then please don’t hesitate to message me and ask about photos of your rig. 

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Reiter Rock Crawl 2019

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