Project CheapFinder Part 2

Project CheapFinder Shopping Part 2 – The Mold Machine!

So after a bust on our first shopping trip it was time to hop back in the truck and go out to look at a few more potential Project CheapFinder candidates. I burned up to Daves house and we went and grabbed our buddy Jon and headed north to another “scrap yard” or just a guy that has some room and likes good stuff!

After getting there and talking to the owner it turns out there is two Pathys on site, both maroon colored 4drs. We go and crack the door on the first one and woooooo, the smell of mold is overpower. A nice thick layer on top of the entire interior greets us, welcome to storing vehicles outside in a rainforest. Apparently its a decent runner, but no battery to test it out with, it does have a good windshield, which is one of the requirements, as I need one to toss in the Pathmaker.

We head up the hill to look at the second Pathy and this one isn’t completely full of mold! But the windshield is thundered and hes not sure if it runs. It was just brought by as a parts truck with the moldy one. 

After a bit of talk he lets me know that he wants $6-700 for the moldy one, which is a little too rich for my blood, considering there was talk of a pretty decent $400 at the last place we looked. 

I offer him $300 but we head on home to plan Project CheapFinder shopping trip #3

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