Project CheapFinder Part 3

Project CheapFinder Part 3 – $300 Beauty!

After a couple trips out shopping for Pathy’s I finally struck gold. A buddy of mine sent me a fresh facebook link of a black 1994 3L XE Pathy with a 5spd, for $300! I instantly sent the guy a message and once I knew that I had a front windshield I told him it was sold and I’d be right over. Turns out he lives only 5min away so I considered just bombing it home with no plates but figured, the trailer is in the driveway so why not use the damn thing for once. 

Briefly looking it over on site and seeing that it was a strong runner, with a chopped off rear roof, and a suuper rusty crusty frame, but the all important front windshield that Mrs. Pathmaker requested so I bought it on the spot for $300.

After getting it back to the Pathmaker Speed Shop I looked at it a little closer, flipping up the rear seat I got to see the sweet u-bolt that they used to try to use to help weld the rear cross member back onto the frame. Classy move, haven’t experienced that one before but I do like the ingenuity!

Shes got a bit of an exhaust leak from a hole in the floor, but overall, quality $300 well spent, better than the $300 I spent on the wrong Dana300!

Next up                              

I’m going to take a bit closer look at the CheapFinder so I can decide what to keep and what to sell and what to fix before we can take it for a rip in the woods!

Check out the video and let me know in the comments what the cheapest running vehicle you’ve ever got was!

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