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Reiter Rock Crawl 2019

Reiter Rock Crawl 2019 was another awesome wheeling event!

For the second year in a row I went down to the Reiter Rock Crawl and once again it did not disappoint. The 4th running of the event featured 3 classes of rigs. A Stock-Mod Class, a Sportsmen Class and an Unlimited class. Last year there was only 2 classes, Stock-Mod and Unlimited which left a lot of the Toyota “truggy” style rigs without a class so they added the Sportsmen class to give all levels of rigs a chance to run.

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Sportsmen rigs getting underway

Beautiful July weather and much more rain then last year meant that the bushes were green and the dust wasn’t too bad but the rocks were dry and sticky. Perfect for cone-dodging! With three teams of Canadian buddies from the Island in their rigs and something like 20 rigs total in the class there was a lot of Sportsmen action.
Some crazy driving out of a local LandCruiser and some fancy strap work from the Island teams got the competition underway.

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Frank on Candy Corn

After some early morning Sportsmen rigs I hiked over to the Candy Corn obstacle to catch a bit of action. Candy Corn is near the top of impressive wheeling obstacles I’ve seen in my life and once again it did not disappoint. I got over just in time to catch Frank and his beautiful carbon fiber body panel buggy giving it a run. Frank got hung up on his passenger drop diff on the top of the rock and ran out of time trying to get himself off. He did eventually get himself free, slipping off the side of Candy Corn and almost landing directly in my lap!

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More Candy Corn Action!

There were rigs running on multiple courses at the same time so I did my best. Jumping back and forth between the Unlimited and Sportsmen classes. Making it over to Candy Corn in time to see Tom Sanford get up and over in his Volvo Turbo 4 wheel steer rock buggy. Jumping back over to the Sportsmen rigs I got there in time to see the start of S-3 course which runs down the “Beam me up Spotty” trail. Half way through the first run down the S-3 course and the Ford Ranger had an electrical gremlin crop up so I hiked over to God Rock just in time to see Tom Sanford have a clean run up and over the rock.

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God Rock

Next up was God Rock! I had heard of the obstacle but hadn’t had a chance to find it during last years event. While not as steep as Candy Corn it still offers quite the challenge when there is a few cones placed on the climb. Alan Phenis and Derek Holmes make quick work of the rock in their LS powered 4 wheel steer Unlimited buggies.

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The end of God Rock and back to S-3

The last rig to run in the Unlimited class was Wayne Moretensen. After hitting a cone on the big climb up God Rock he took the bonus line to get up. The only person all day I watched take that alternate line. With his run finished I hiked back over to the S-3 course just in time to catch the Canadian teams working they way through the course. Unfortunately Rohan got pinned between two large rocks and ran out of time trying to get himself unstuck. Dustin was the next one to run and he put on a great show in his Turbo Propane Toyota. Making quick work of the big drops and stomping the tricky undercut climb at the end of the course by doing some Islandspec tree crawling!

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Finishing up S-3 and the Awards

Sam was next up on the S-3 course and put down a clean run after getting a bit hung up on the final climb. Unlike Dustin’s 4 link front Sam has leaf springs so his approach angle isn’t nearly as steep! Sam was followed by another Toyota, this one with a v8 and he made short work of the final course of the day. The next rig was a Jeep on BIG heavy Pitbull tires and the undersized rear axle decided to pack it in on the final climb. Snapping off and walking out requiring a mid trail repair. By that point I’d had enough sun so I skipped out on the last few Sportsmen rigs and headed down to wait for the awards ceremony in the shade.

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