Snow Wheelin in the Tacoma

Toyota Tacoma Snow Wheelin

While still waiting on some parts for the Pathmaker (the joys of living on an island!) and it being too cold and crappy outside for me to work on the CheapFinder I got a call from my buddy Dan who asked me to come out for a bit of snow wheeling on some local trails about an hour away from my shop. Since I haven’t filmed any wheeling since December I was keen to get back out in the woods. Even if it was to film a bit more mild wheeling than I usually shoot. We met up with Dan’s buddy Dayton in his open/open diffed Chevy Tracker on some Boggers and headed out, rollin Team No Trailer style!

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With some majorly slippery icy sections on the logging road we took to the woods as quickly as possible. Less snow around, but also less crazy ice!

Heading up the trail we came on some frozen mud pits and ditches in the trees as we worked out way tighter into the woods.

Coming to a tight point in the trail (which of course the Tracker had zero problems with.) Dan got to add a nice little bit of body damage, after leaning into a tree to make the corner. Worst part..he was going to have to come back down and do the same thing to his drivers side on the way back out! 

Working out way back down the trail Dan struggled with his power steering whining. The motor was also struggling to stay running every time it was off camber. It being a 3.4L efi motor it wasn’t making any sense but we couldn’t track down any vacuum leaks.



We decided to head up hill in the search of some deeper snow and take a poke at the waterfall if it wasn’t covered in ice. With the falls clear I talked Dan into giving it a try and with a bit of effort he stomped the line.

After that we headed uphill to the gravel pit, thats now just a massive snowbowl where we did a bit of ripping around. But my gopro struggled bigtime with the bright snow!

Check out the video of our day of snow wheeling and make sure to check back next week. Its looking like we’re going to take the EMB and the Goblin out for a rip and its always epic filming those two buggies do their thing!

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