Team No Stickies

Team No Stickies made it out for a day of Full Body Rig Rock Crawling

With some wet weather in the month of September signalling the start of wheeling season we got together for some back country wheeling with Team No Stickies.The Pathmaker was joined by Jon in his Jeep Cherokee with d44’s RCVs 38″ TSLs. We also had the two Toyota’s with Dan in his SAS’d Toyota Tacoma and Riley in in his First Gen Toyota4x4 Truck. None of us are running sticky tires and we all have at least one end with Leaf Springs so it was going to be an interesting day.

Half way to the trail I realized that I had no front wheel drive. So we had to stop and investigate and it turns out I had installed the Yukon Lockouts wrong and the splines in the hub wern’t fully engaging. A short twenty minutes of wrenching and we were back on the way to the trail head. Once we got into the trail we got right to work on the rocks, with some big climbs right away. Riley started having issues with his ARB air compressor that runs his new front air locker. We pulled it apart to find that the pump had blown up so Jon got to modifying the “rattle box” Vi-Air pump that Riley had to lock his front diff. Needing 70psi to engage the locker Mason’s new job was to sit in the passenger seat and flip the compressor on every once and a while.

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With Riley’s locker back working he took a few stabs at the next climb but elected to pull winch. This was a shakedown run for his rig, having just finished building it earlier in the week so he didn’t want to push it as hard as….Jon was up next and he was also just finishing his build. But Jon was there to push it hard and he spooled up his inline 4.0L and stomped the climb. All jacked up he made the pass on my rig parked in the middle of the trail and hit the next climb hard, airing out his tires and getting all stuck into the trees after almost flopping his rig.

Pulling cable I was next up and did almost the exact same thing! Lifting a bunch of tires and giving it everything I could but having to pull cable in the end. Dan lined up his uncaged Toyota Tacoma next and after taking a bit of work to get lined up he stomps the huge climb! His 120″ wheel base coming in handy on the big climb.

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Working our way to the top of the big rock garden I help Dan get unstuck with a little car nudge. Then we park to have some homemade cookies from Mrs. Pathmaker. While we were standing around having a break I glance under my rig and see that one of my Bilstein 5125 shocks is snapped in half. Not sure which hit did it but it explains some of the bounciness I was experiencing. I climbed under and got to unbolting the shock while Jon took some different lines in the rock garden. At one point chucking a huge rock, hitting Phil (who was running a GoPro for me) right in the leg! Sorry Phil! Thanks for takin the hit!
I got my shock off and we continued on the trail, working our way over to Spidr Rock to try some of the big rock climbs over there.

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Jon took a poke at one of the huge climbs and almost flopped his rig so he backed up and let Dan have a try. Dan got up on the rock nicely, his rear end kicked over and he slid back, directly into a tree. He nicely wrapped his tailgate around the tree. Some cage work will be in his near future but in the mean time Jon winched Dan off the tree. Hitting a couple more high throttle climbs Jon brought the Cherokee over to Spidr rock and decided to give it a hit. After airing his tires out HUGE  few times he came down wrong and we heard the bad snap of a broken short side RCV in Jon’s dana44. On that note we regrouped and headed back to camp after an awesome day on the trails.

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