Wheeling Season Opener

The Rains have finally arrived...

After a long dry summer offseason, which we were supposed to use for wrenching projects and DIDN'T, the rain has arrived and its time to get started on another wheeling season.
With the Pathmaker still down needing head gaskets (see above about wrenching projects I didn't do) I hopped in with Shaun in the Mercedes diesel Toyota and joined Jim and Dan in their Toyota buggies and Kevin in his Suzuki buggy and we headed out for another day of backcountry wheeling and BBQing as we like to do.
The rain was falling and the clouds were grey as we go underway and headed up the hill at the back of the pack.
Turning up the Tree House trail we got to the first climb to find out that there was very little power coming from Shauns diesel when he got on the throttle. Having done no real offseason maintenance himself aside from some wipers and a can of injector cleaner we decide it must be the injector cleaner having broken loose all the crud in the lines and clogged one of the injectors up. The proper way to deal with this involves pulling them apart, making sure not to loose the little springs or detents and then boiling them in a pot of water. The way WE deal with the problem is just some full throttle. Shaun spends the next trail hard on the throttle and it seems to clear up our issue.....we are winning for the day!

The Bush Trail

With Shaun's engine running better we headed off to the 70's Bush Trail. Its turned into an epic trail over the past season and even tho the rocks are difficult we make our way thru the trail pretty quickly without too many issues. The rocks may be wet but they still have some traction so we're able to make some climbs without too much wheel speed.

We finish up the Bush Trail and head over to the Table Rock trail for our usual lunch spot, the old BBQ rock. After an absolute ridiculous amount of food on the bbq we set out for the second part of our day, which of course involves the small detour we've now created off the side of the Table Rock trail. With the rocks in here not ran as many times there is still a lot of moss and its still very slippery. Dan tries the double step climb but can't quite get his rig up the climb. In the process he ends up facing the wrong way, requiring a sketchy turn around. The sketchy turn around leads to a sketchy rollover, leaving his plugs full of oil as his Toyota spends a while on its side. From that point on the entire afternoon turns into a proper show. We pull the plugs 4 times, but because of the angle of the truck they keep filling full of oil. So we decide to pull the dead truck forward until its flat...... this turns into some confusion with No No No and Go Go Go and the rig ends up back on its side again.

After more winching we finally get it back on its tires and flat, pull the plus and amazingly it fires up and runs fine. (Aside from a massive vape cloud of motor oil smoke following Dans truck for the next 1/2hr).

Check out Part 1 of the video here:

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Since the day was not yet that late and all the rigs were running we headed off for another trail. Of course once we got half way thru this trail we realized Jim was having a problem in his front end. He was only spinning 3 wheel drive, which wasn't going to get him very far up the trail. He figured it was his hub so they started pulling it apart to see if they could figure out what was wrong. While they were working on the hub we fired up the BBQ for another round of sausages, because, why not.
They got the hub back together and we continued on our way, unfortunately it didn't seem to fix the problem so it looked like Jim was down for the count.

We decided to head for one last trail, while Jim bypassed the trail and would meet us at the end. Shaun and I headed up the trail first, making the first climb without too much trouble. I hopped out to film Dan, just in time for him to take a bad bounce and end up right on his side. After our last experience with Dans truck on its side and not starting we got Kevins winch pulled out quickly and got Dan back on his tires in less than 5minutes. We were fast enough and lucky that he was able to fire it right up without pulling the plugs, win for us!

Unfortunately we quickly learned that it looks like the sideload from another rollover had destroyed the front ring-gear in his differential so Dan's rig started to make very bad sounding noises in the front end as the gears started to eat themselves up. We had a few more climbs to do, which luckily he made it up before his diff completely gave up and we had to pull out the strap to drag him back to the road so he could drive back to the trailer.
That was it for another epic day of trail wheeling and a great start to another season of backcountry 4x4ing.

Check out Part 2 of the video here:

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