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Never Ending Trailer Project

The list of things keeps getting smaller on the trailer repair list and a new axle has been ordered to replace the bent old one that was taking out my tires. I cut off the old U-bolts, because you don’t reuse U-bolts, and dragged the axle out from under the trailer. I tossed the axle up on the deck and put a straightedge on it and it had about 3/8″ gap in the middle. Considering the axle should have almost 3/4″ of a bow upwards, this one was more than past its prime.

Bent as hell axle!

With the axle out and tossed in the back of my Chevy it was time to think about making a rigging box for the front of my trailer.

I’ve been looking at trailer boxes for a while and they want a ton of cash for them. Since buying things is not really my style anyways I dug thru the scrap pile and found some old pieces of extruded steel and an old bed frame! If you watch my videos you know how much I love to use a good bed frame. Cheap source of great angle iron so I always grab them when I see them in the scrap bin.
Short on space on the front of my trailer I decided to make the box flush with the bottom of the frame rail, giving me as much depth as possible.
I got to work cutting and tacking the extruded steel for the lower part of the box.

Scrap metal is the best metal

All of my electrical connections are on the frame rail now in the box. So I cut a small piece of extruded to cover the wiring so none of my chains would hit and short out the electrical.
Once the bottom was all together I got work cutting the bed frame for the upper part of the box.
As I started welding the last of the pieces together the rain arrived. I quickly finished up my welding and by the time I was done it was just pouring rain.

Love me some bed frame

No paint going on until a later date. Sill have to figure out some steel for a lid!
Check out the video of the project:

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