Project CheapFinder Part 1

Project CheapFinder Part 1


With a request from Mrs.Pathmaker for a new windshield in the rig I’ve decided that its time to pick up the cheapest Pathfinder possible to pull the glass and then have some fun in the woods with a stock Pathfinder and even do some stocker vs Pathmaker comparison videos. Lets be realistic tho, I just want to go and smash up a rig in the woods for fun, and you guys get to join in on the fun because we’ll be filming it all. 

So Dave and I took a trip down to the secret scrap yard in the woods to look at a couple Pathys laying around. We ended up getting sidetracked looking at an old S-10 Blazer that has a 4.3 in it that Dave is thinking about tossing into his 4Runner with some one-ton axles. The 4.3 hasn’t ran in 3yrs and its been sitting molding in the rain and getting covered with leaves, but surprisingly after sitting for that long, with another shitty battery it fired right up and idled mint, she might be a keeper but we’re looking for a Vortech for the extra 40hp.

We looked at one Pathy that had no radiator or airbox, as well as a completely broken rear frame, making it a bit too much of a bouncy ride. I peeked in 3 others (that I forgot to catch on film but they were ROUGH) so wern’t worth my time. We also talked to another buddy about a potential $400 special that we’re going to have to go check out on a future episode of Project CheapFinder.

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