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Dorman Bumpstops and GoPro Rollbar Build

So after breaking the Pathmaker a few weeks ago while out wheeling (See here for the post) and working on sourcing a new dana 300 I’ve had a bit of down time in the shop to work on a few assorted projects that I’ve been putting off because my rig was ready to go wheeling and I didn’t want to get into a big project. 

Since the Pathmaker is down for a bit it was time to finally get to my Bumpstops and GoPro Rollbar Build. I have been throughu multiple different variations of bumpstop. With my heavy rig coming down hard I keep ripping them off and changing the design. I was given a set of stock Chevy Dorman bumps from a friend at a spring shop and got to modifying the leaf spring pads to work with the new bumps. I turned the camera on that day and did some filming so you can check out all the action:

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After also crushing my GoPro Hero4 silver and Gimbal during a previous wheeling trip I also decided to fab up some kind of rollbar to give my new GoPro Hero5 Black some kind of protection from having the same thing happen. Quick piece of pipe and some time with the welder and I finished it up. Hoping that it will keep my new GoPro safe but only time will tell!

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