How To Put 34in Tires On A Stock Nissan Pathfinder

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How large of tire can you fit on a stock WD21 Nissan Pathfinder?

I see that question asked all the time, everyone always wants to squeeze the biggest tire the can on their WD21 Nissan Pathfinder and I don’t blame them!
The secret to large tires on Nissan Pathfinders is skinny tires, so when my buddy Kevin put up a set of 34″x10.5″ Super Swamper LTBs on 15″ rims with 3.75″ backspacing for $400, I knew they would be perfect. I unbolted the 31″x10.5″ BFG AT tires and rims and sold them for $200, so it was a perfect Cheapfinder priced upgrade! The whole point in Project Cheapfinder is Overlanding on the cheap. Cheap upgrades and cheap mods so you don’t have to spend a mint to get out in the woods off road. With a total build cost of only $1200 including the new tires this is all about low budget 4x4ing and overlanding. 

How To Put 34in Tires On A Stock Nissan Pathfinder

First Up – Inspection from Posi Track

Then it was onto taking the tires off and removing the fender flares with an impact gun. Expect the 10mm bolts to be rusty and the fender flares to be trapping a ton of dirt and hiding some rust!

With the new tires installed they look close, so its time for a flex test to see where the fenders rub!

The tires are too close in two different ways. In front of the front tires needs a bit of a trim, as well as behind the rear of the rear tires needs trimming. I did mention you’d be cutting some sheet metal for this project right?
If you’re not wanting to add any lift you’re going to have to do a bit of trimming, but thankfully its not that much!

Front Fender

Rear Fender

After cutting approximately 3″ from the front fender and 3″ from the back fender you may want to take your mini sledge hammer and fold in the fender lip so the 34″x10.5″ tire can slip up inside the fender. You could cut the lip off, but keeping it will give more strength to the bottom of the fender and won’t leave it so floppy.


Once the fenders are trimmed and folded back you should be able to tuck your tires with a bit of room to spare! The front has more clearance but not bad for 34″ tires on a stock height WD21 Nissan Pathfinder XE.
Finally with the tires mounted up its time to take it for a test drive. In short, that’s how to put 34in tires on a stock Nissan Pathfinder. 
How To Put 34in Tires On A Stock Nissan Pathfinder

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