Nissan Pathmaker OneTon SAS Build – Part 11

The Nissan Pathmaker OneTon SAS Build – Part 11 – Shakedown Run

It was time to roll it out of the shop and do a little photo shoot with the fresh unpainted cage. This would be the last time I ever saw it looking so fresh and so clean again!

We took it out to some local trails with Alex’s Toyota, to take it thru its paces and check some clearances.

Everything worked perfectly right up until it didn’t! Hard on the gas on a big climb and I snapped the rear output on the dana300. Thankfully it was a clean break so it didn’t destroy anything else in the case and I was able to limp it home in front wheel drive and back on the trailer. This was the point I learned I was an owner of the elusive Texas Bolt Pattern Dana300, as you can see in the photo, my new output has a slightly different bolt location for one of the bolts, meaning I had to shop for an entire new case.

Thats where it stood as of Sept 2011, since that time I’ve wheeled it countless times, broken, replaced, upgraded countless parts. I wish that I had documented every trip but there has been too many! As I write this in Dec 2017 I decided it was time to do an updated build post, a video for everyone thats been following along to see where it sits today and how it really wheels after all the work and wrenching.

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