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Rock Lights Install

In the last post I was working on wiring up my new ammo can but was waiting on some rocklights to show up in the mail. After a long slow boat from China my “rock lights” showed up. Instead of spending $80 for “rock lights” on amazon I found that these “truck bed lights” were only $20 and it is 2 strings of lights, 2′ apart, with 6led per light, 8 total lights.

At first I planned on running one string under the rig and one inside for interior lights I changed my mind and decided to run both strings under the rig and I’ll order another set for the interior lights. 

Finally got the power into the panel and everything works great. Its going to be awesome to finally have a voltage meter for my battery too!

While at the parts store looking for a few pieces of wire I also came upon a sweet wire kit that was a killer deal so I had to grab one and mount it on the wall. I finished all the wiring on the console project and got it all hooked up and finalized with my shift pattern decal on top as well as cut the rattling handle off.

Check out the video below where I go over it all:

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Tune into the next post because I finally got my tranny jack attachment for my floor jack from my buddy Alex before I ran out and grabbed another dana300. So its time to finally tear into my d300 and try to get the Pathmaker back on the trail!

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