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Nissan Pathmaker Windshield Install

It was finally time to get around to installing the windshield that I pulled out of the Project Cheapfinder in a previous BLOG POST and toss it into the Pathmaker rig. Never having done it before this was going to be an interesting learning experience for me. My good friend Rich owns a glass shop in Kamloops BC Family Glass and he gave me a few pointers on what I should do. Of course I completely forgot everything he said right away so any screw ups are definitely my fault!

Cutting out the last bar

Before I could even get the glass into place I had one more windshield bar to cut out. Some of you commented about all the dents in my hood, those aren’t from wheeling, they’re from me standing on it. So I climbed up onto the hood and cut out the bar and cleaned the last of the old windshield urethane off.  Rich also hooked me up with a few tubes of the proper urethane I need for the job and he told me to warm them up some how or it will be extremely hard to squeeze out with my caulking gun. He was also good enough to cut the special triangle shaped tip on the nozzle, which puts the correct shape on the bead of urethane.

Warming the urethane jammed into the heater

Like usual I’m working out in the shop by myself and I also don’t own any suction cups so I got to sketchly reach down and pull the window up onto the hood for a dry fit! Everything looked ok so I put the window up on the roof of the truck and got to work on laying down a “nice” (really ugly) bead of urethane around the window frame. After getting it all done with a single tube, in typical me fashion I figured I’d overkill it and opened the second tube to make a larger bead across the top of the window so it doesn’t leak.

Then it was finally the moment of truth as I dropped the windshield into place and pushed it down a bit to seat it nicely into the urethane. I got a bit of it on the glass on the install, when I touched it with my finger in the wrong spot. But I’ll wait until the urethane is dry and then I’ll clean it off with a razor blade. 

All things considered it wasn’t really that bad to pull this glass out of the Project Cheapfinder rig and it wasn’t that bad to install it into the Pathmaker. Not sure how long its going to last with the way I drive but it will keep my legs dry and my heat inside for the time being!
Check out the video for all the action:

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